Requires BankID!
BankID is a personal and simple electronic proof of identity for secure identification and signing online. Read more >>

Available in English
The service is available in English by clicking the flag in the upper left corner – next to our company logo.

How to access your accounts
In the online banking you can among other things
• Check balance and see receipts and disbursements
• Get an overview of all your accounts, credit cards, loans, insurance and equity and fund shares
• Pay bills to home and abroad
• Transfer money between your own accounts
• Put region locks on your cards
• Buy and change products
and much more.

All accounts are connected to a person or a company, but you can access others accounts by changing agreements. When you want to pay a bill, you can only do this from the accounts in the current agreement. You can switch between agreements in the top right corner by clicking "Bytt avtale".

Start using our Mobile Banking
In the mobile bank you can easily:
• View the balance and movement of your accounts, credit cards and loans
• Pay your bills and e-invoice
• Buy and see development on fund savings
• Manage the amount limit and access in your credit cards
• Use the currency converter
• Apply for a loan and proof of financing
• Buy and change your insurance policies

Mobile Banking is available on Iphone and Andorid and can be downloaded for free in AppStore or GooglePlay. Search for Etnedal Sparebank. After downloading the mobile bank, it must be activated in the online bank before use:

1. Sign in to the online bank
2. Select "Settings" from the menu, then "Mobile" and "Mobile Bank"
3. Select "Enable"
4. Enter your mobile number and select PIN
5. Sign with BankID